Shared values - transparent structures.

At BCD Chemie we understand compliance to mean the compliance with all external and internal norms, statutory legislation and regulations as well as the monitoring of values and standards which result in a structured and transparent business policy characterised by openness and honesty.

We are committed to integrity in our business transactions, in our dealings with customers, suppliers, competitors and towards our employees and the public. As part of BCD Chemie, we each have a personal responsibility to act in strict compliance with the letter and the spirit of the laws, policies and regulations that BCD Chemie is subject to.

Summaries and highlights of the policies and procedures which are particularly important to our business and for the preservation of our good name and reputation are available as download (BCD Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Supplier Code of Conduct).

Compliance Contact

BCD Chemie has established procedures for receiving, registering and handling complaints and anonymous submissions concerning questionable matters. Confidentiality is assured, and no employee will suffer any consequences for submitting such complaints or anonymous submissions. Third parties (customers, suppliers and the public) may also use the contact.

The BCD Chemie Compliance contact is available to report possible infringements of laws or policies, affecting BCD Chemie. This represents an additional facility for alerting the company to evidence of legal infringements.

Anybody wishing to raise concerns to the company whatsoever in relation to compliance can contact the company here.

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