Our greatest treasure: Mankind and the environment.

We see ourselves as a part of a social entity and we do not differentiate between a professional and a personal perception of responsibility.

It is for this reason that the topics envir­onment and safety are directly and inextricably linked with one another in the ethos of our company, an ethos that is characterised by protection of the environment as well as a conscious awareness for those around us and how our individual actions can have an effect on them. Our environmental protection philosophy goes far beyond that, which is merely required under the law as do the safety provisions including all processes, procedures and sequences involved from work safety right through to logistics. This represents a closing of the circle between the two most important aspects of our company's guiding principles.

We acknowledge our responsibility and are thus committed to participating in the chemical industry's global Responsible Care Initiative.

The Responsible Care Initiative represents the desire, regardless of legal requirements, to strive for continuous improvement in the areas of the environment, health, and safety and to regularly show this progress publicly. This is done in accordance with the legal requirements, the traditional duties of a prudent businessperson, and in the interests of future sustainable development.

For our company, in practice this means reviewing the consequences of our economic activities for society and future generations on an ongoing basis and taking the findings into account in our decisions.