Since 1/1/2015, BCD Chemie has been representing Evonik Industries in Switzerland with thermoplastic (meth)acrylate resins under the brand name DEGALAN®, for applications in the coatings, paints and printing inks area (excluding road marking).

The "DEGALAN®" product range has been tried-and-tested in the paint and coatings industry for many years.

The diversity of the product range means the right DEGALAN® product can be found for every application. DEGALAN® is primarily used for metal and plastic coating. Classic alkyd enamels can be modified by DEGALAN®; type P 628 is preferable here so that drying is accelerated and adhesion is improved on difficult surfaces, such as galvanised metals.

In addition to technical consulting, in Switzerland BCD Chemie supplies a variety of products for the construction, paint, coating and adhesives industry. Furthermore, for this industry BCD Chemie has specially developed industrial cleaning and degreasing agents as well as paint stripper, marketing them under the trade names WBC and Webetec.