Alkylate gasoline is the purest petroleum-based fuel available. It contains almost no aromatics or olefins which, among other things, means that carcinogenic, persistent and toxic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in the emissions are reduced by up to 90%. Alkylate gasoline also helps reduce nitrogen oxide emissions and lessens its contribution to ground-level ozone. Alkylate gasoline contains no ethanol at all, not even the 5%-10% that commercial petrol contains.

Alkylate gasoline also has a much longer shelf-life than commercial petrol. Regular petrol such as 95 octane petrol, for example, starts to change after just 3 months, while Alkylate gasoline can be stored for several years. (Many appliances such as lawnmowers and snow throwers are often unused for at least 6 months of the year and with regular petrol they can be difficult to start.)
Alkylate gasoline is often referred to as 'environmental petrol' as it is the cleanest petrol available. It is 99% cleaner than regular commercial petrol. You can refill a tank with Alkylate gasoline without emptying it first as it is miscible with regular gasoline.

In other words; it is better for you, your engine and the environment.

Who should use Alkylate gasoline

Alkylate gasoline is good for all smaller engines. It helps keep engines clean on the inside and if you have a lawnmower or chainsaw, for instance, it will be much easier to start up when it has been idle for long periods, after winter, for example. Many municipalities already required to use Alkylate gasoline in their machines as part of their commitment to their employees' health and the environment.