With leading partners in the construction chemicals sector, BCD offers construction chemical products for indoor and outdoor applications that are on the cutting edge of development. In addition to products, BCD Chemie has laboratory capacity for application development and practical tests for both liquid and powdered construction products.

Product examples:

  • water repellents and impregnation for various systems and substrates, available as liquid or powder
  • WTA and BASt approved products for subsequent hydrophobisation of mineral surfaces, available as liquid or cream
  • cellulose ethers (modified and unmodified) and starch ethers to improve the processing properties of cement and gypsum-based systems, such as render, plaster, fillers, and tile adhesives
  • silicone resins and emulsions
  • styrene acrylic and pure acrylic polymer dispersions for surface treatment (primer and hydroisolations) for disersin based plasters and renders, adhesives and sealants
  • rheology additives such as cellulose ether and xanthan
  • white pigment
  • special solvents