The paint and coating industry is one of the most significant of BCD Chemie's areas of application. We have considerable expertise in this area.

Product examples:

  • acrylic resins for metal and plastic coatings, as well as printing inks and many other substrates
  • saturated polyester for can and coil coatings, metal coatings, as printing ink for flexible food packaging, and for heat sealing lacquers
  • styrene acrylic and pure acrylic polymer dispersions for architectural coatings (interior and exterior), primers, and wood coatings
  • silicone resins/intermediates and emulsions for powder coatings, architectural coatings, and for the hydrophobisation of coatings
  • silanes as cross-linkers for adhesion promoters
  • defoamers, wetting, and dispersing agents
  • fumed silicas as a powder and as an aqueous dispersion for rheology control
  • precipitated silicas for the matting of coatings
  • white pigment
  • cellulose ethers as rheological additives for aqueous coating systems