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BYK Chemie introduces new rheology additives

The well known RHEOBYK rheology additive product line will be extended by four new products based on modified urea chemistry. These four additives provides a thixotropic flow in aqueous as well in solvent systems.

RHEOBYK-7420 CA and RHEOBYK-7420 ET are especially for aqueous systems. The difference between both is the solvent the modified urea polymer is dissolved in (CA: cyclic amide, ET: amide ether). For medium polar solvents the new RHEOBYK-7410 CA as well the known RHEOBYK-7410 ET are suited. For non-polar solvents the new RHEOBYK-7411is offered. In the course of this product launch the old products RHEOBYK-7411 and RHEOBYK-7420 ES will be discontinued. For RHEOBYK-7411 ES the new RHEOBYK-7411 CA can be used, the RHEOBYK-7420 ES can be replaced by RHEOBYK-7420 CA or by RHEOBYK-7420 ET in existing formulations.

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