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BCD Chemie offers binders for inks and coatings, adhesives and sealants and construction chemicals, among others, for both aqueous and solvent-borne systems.

Binders for aqueous systems

Where possible, more and more solvent-borne inks and coatings are being replaced by water-based products. The corresponding binders for such systems are offered as aqueous dispersions.

Binders for solvent-borne systems

Solvent-borne coatings could not yet be replaced by aqueous systems in some areas, as these do not yet achieve the very good properties of solvent-based coatings.

  • Saturated polyesters for 2-component baking enamels for metal coatings and can coatings, as a 1-component system for flexible packaging as primer, topcoat and heat-sealing lacquer
  • Thermoplastic acrylic resins for hard and resistant coatings for metals and plastics, but also for printing inks
  • Polybutadiene, a highly flexible polymer as a co-binder for various applications
  • Methacrylate-based reactive resins, fast curing with peroxides for floor coatings and road marking paints

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