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Fuels (also bio-based)

For your fuels, BCD Chemie supplies various petrol cuts as well as special petrols such as alkylate petrol or biopetrol for 2-strokes. These are available in various packaging sizes, from jerry cans to drums and IBCs to tank trucks.

In addition to petrol, you can also get additives for fuels such as ethanol, as well as a wide variety of additives for your fuels.

Do you need ready mixed fuels? We offer these in our Fuels Business sector. In addition to mixing, we take care of all tax issues as well as regulatory aspects such as GHS and REACH.

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For detailed information and technical advice on products and applications please contact us or have a look at our product range of industrial chemicals.

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Fuels (also bio-based)

Niels Kortbrae
Industrial chemicals

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