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Construction chemistry

With leading partners in the field of construction chemicals, BCD Chemie offers raw materials for liquid and powdery construction chemicals for indoor and outdoor applications at the cutting edge of development.
In our Innovation Center, we develop new formulations and support our customers with laboratory tests to optimise formulations.

BCD Chemie supplies the following products for construction chemistry:


  • Binders (e.g. styrene acrylates and pure acrylates) for primers, pasty plasters and adhesives as well as for sealants


Hydrophobing agents

  • Hydrophobing agents and impregnations for various systems and substrates, both liquid and powdery, as well as products with WTA approval

Industrial chemicals

Cellulose ethers

  • Cellulose ethers and starches for improving the processing properties of cementitious and gypsum systems, such as tile adhesives, fillers and plasters

Reactive resins

Surface technology

BCD Chemie has been developing, producing and marketing WBC premium products for the surface technology sector for over 40 years.
We offer our customers expert advice through a nationwide network of application engineers, as well as a broad product portfolio for optimising existing and new processes.

For the construction chemicals sector, we offer both solvent-based and water-based cleaning systems.

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For detailed information and technical advice on products and applications, please contact us or take a look at our product range of construction chemicals, paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants.

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Construction chemistry

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