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Textile and leather

BCD Chemie offers various raw materials for the production, processing and care of leather, textiles and fibers.


In the production and processing of yarns, glidants and lubricants ensure trouble-free spinning and weaving. For this purpose, BCD Chemie supplies silicone oils and silicone oil emulsions.

BCD Chemie offers different starches for textile sizing and finishing.

To modify the surface of textiles, such as crease protection, soft touch, water repellency and better ironability, BCD Chemie’s product portfolio includes modified silicones or silicone emulsions.


In leather manufacturing and finishing, BCD Chemie products provide better abrasion resistance, water repellency (hydrophobisation), better touch and higher flexibility. The products are used in both wet-end and dry finishing applications.

Available for leather care are among others wax dispersions that have both hydrophobic and oleophobic properties.


The following products serve as additives in the production process or in the formulation.

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Textile and leather

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