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Silicone oils and silicone oil emulsions

Silicone oils are usually linear molecules of varying chain length composed of dimethylsiloxane units. This is why silicone oils are also called polydimethysiloxanes (PDMS). Compared to mineral oils, silicone oils are characterised by high thermal and oxidative resistance. To specifically influence the properties of pure silicone oils, they can be functionalised with various groups. Appropriate silicone oil emulsions are available so that the silicone oils and the functionalised silicone oils can be used in aqueous systems.

BCD Chemie offers the various silicone oils and silicone oil emulsions from The Dow Chemical Company.
BCD Chemie has enjoyed a successful partnership with the company for decades. The silicone oils and silicone oil emulsions are available under the brand name Xiameter™.

Silicone oil

The pure silicone oils are available in a variety of viscosities from 0.65 to 1,000,000 cSt under the name Xiameter™ PMX-200. Special products of the 350 cSt and 1000 cSt viscosity grades can also be used as food additive (E 900). In addition to silicone oils that do not dissolve in water, water-dilutable silicone oil emulsions are also available.
In addition to silicone oils based on linear molecules, cyclic PDMS are also available. These are very suitable as solvents for other silicone products, such as silicone oils and silicone resins.

Hydroxy-functional silicone oils

Hydroxy-functional silicone oils have additional reactivity due to the terminal OH function, which can react with the substrate, among other things. Emulsions are also available for hydroxy-functional silicone oils.

Hydrogen-functional silicone oils

Hydrogen-functional silicone oils exhibit very high reactivity and form stable compounds with suitable substrates by splitting off hydrogen. The hydrogen-functional silicone oils are also available as emulsions.

Amino-functional silicone oils

Amino-functional silicone oils are used in cosmetics (hair care for better combability after shampooing) or in the textile sector. These are also available as a respective emulsion.

Aryl-functionalised silicone oils

Aryl-functionalised silicone oils exhibit even higher thermal stability than the pure silicone oils. They are available both as pure substance and as emulsion.

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Silicone oils and silicone oil emulsions

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