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Polymer dispersions

Under the brand names Osakryl® and Synexil®, BCD Chemie markets pure acrylate, styrene acrylate and vinyl acetate dispersions from Synthos. All dispersions are APEO-free.

Building paints

For building paints, pure acrylic and styrene acrylic dispersions are offered in an MFT range from 0°C to 32°C, including a frost-stable product.

Wood varnishes

For the formulation of wood varnishes, pure acrylic dispersions are available that can be processed in the craft sector, in an MFT range of 10 to 20°C. Self-crosslinking and core-shell dispersions are also available. A pure acrylic dispersion with a Tg of 65°C is offered for the industrial coating of wooden furniture.

Dispersion-bound systems

Various pure acrylics and styrene acrylics are offered for dispersion fillers and plasters for the construction sector. The MFT of the dispersions ranges from 0°C to 32°C. One product is particularly resistant to blushing.


Pure acrylate and styrene acrylate dispersions form the basis for construction adhesives. The Tg range of the offered products is between 0 and -40°C.

Vinyl acetate dispersions are used for wood adhesives. Some of the dispersions already have a plasticiser added, so that the MFFT is reduced compared to pure polyvinyl acetate.


Pure acrylate and styrene acrylate dispersions with an Tg between -40°C and 0°C are used for acrylic sealants. These have high elasticity and good adhesion to various substrates.

Sealing slurries

For sealing slurries, a styrene acrylic dispersion is available with a Tg of -40°C, which gives the sealing slurry high flexibility.

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Polymer dispersions

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