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With silanes, surfaces can be modified in such a way that they exhibit different properties than before treatment with the silane. This ability of silanes is based on the fact that the molecule has two functionalities. One ensures that the silane is chemically bound to the surface (anchor group), the other, tailor-made functionality determines the properties of the treated surface. Particularly suitable surfaces are mineral substrates, glass, and metals.


Silanes with alkyl groups are used as hydrophobing agents. The length of the alkyl chain determines the degree of hydrophobicity. The most commonly used silane is N-octyltriethoxysilane (NOTES), but others with other alkyl chains are also available.

Adhesion Promotion

Silanes with amino functions, epoxy functions or double bonds are used as adhesion promoter. The silane reacts with the hydroxy functions of the substrate, the other group is available for reaction with the binder or adhesive. This chemically fixes the binder or adhesive to the surface.

Sol-gel coating

Tetraethoxysilane (TEOS) and methyltriethoxysilane are used in sol-gel coatings. These give a hard coating on metallic surfaces.

Overview XIAMETERTM Silanes

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