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PU foams

In addition to the polyols and isocyanates, various components are required for the production of PU foams, such as silicone surfactants, propellants and, if necessary, release agents, so that the moulded part can be easily removed from the mould after curing. All these products are included in BCD Chemie’s portfolio.

Silicone surfactants

The properties of PU foams strongly depend on the size and type of pores. Silicone surfactants are used to control these pores in the production of PU foams.

The silicone surfactants improve the compatibility of the individual components with each other and reduce the surface tension of the overall system. In the production of PU foams, the silicone surfactants promote nucleation and prevent the coalescence of the gas bubbles. In the end, cell opening can be achieved by suitable selection of the silicone surfactant, or closed cells can be realised.

BCD Chemie markets silicone surfactants from Dow Silicones under the brand name VORASURF™ Polyurethane Additives. These are proven surfactants for stabilising polyurethane foams. The ample VORASURF™ portfolio includes surfactants for e.g. flexible viscoelastic foams, microcellular foams, rigid foams, moulded foams and assembly foams. There is a VORASURF™ polyurethane additive for every requirement profile.


In addition to the usual propellants such as pentanes or also methylene chloride, BCD Chemie offers a variety of low-boiling products that ensure a good foam formation during the production of PU foams.

Release agents

For the production of release agents for PU foams, BCD Chemie supplies different silicone-based products as a 100% system, a solution or an emulsion. Another polymer that can be used to make release agents is polybutadiene.

Surface technology

BCD Chemie GmbH has been developing, producing and marketing premium WBC® products for the surface technology sector for over 40 years.
We offer our customers expert advice through a nationwide network of application engineers, as well as a broad product portfolio for optimising existing and new processes.

For cleaning plant components and tools, you will find solvent-based and water-based cleaning systems such as

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PU foams

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