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In our Innovation Center for Coatings, Construction and Adhesives, our team of experts offers qualified and forward-looking support from laboratory formulation and optimisation to scaling up, right up to market-ready products.

Our aspiration

Our goal is to offer our customers innovative, modern, user-oriented and variable laboratory services to allow them to meet rapid changes in research, development and application technology. Our team carries out a wide variety of tests on coatings and adhesives as well as on construction chemical powder and liquid formulations according to the current standards and the associated testing regulations while also advising you on new raw materials from the BCD product portfolio to allow you to optimise your formulations both in terms of cost and quality. In terms of services, BCD Chemie offers physical and application tests, characterisation of raw materials and formulations as well as the optimisation of formulations.


In addition to the physical tests such as density, pH value, viscosity and rheological profile, developing and optimising formulations for aqueous inks and coatings, solvent-based systems or 100% systems take centre stage in the Inks and Coatings department. These formulations are characterised in terms of their properties such as, for example, flow behaviour, levelling, drying time, spraying behaviour. Following application with the common methods by using a doctor blade, brush, roller or spray gun, the film properties such as, for example, gloss, colour coordinate, hardness, adhesion, wet abrasion and resistance are tested. Coated surfaces can also be weathered artificially.


In our Innovation Center, our team of experts focuses primarily on additives for cement and gypsum systems as well as on treating surfaces of mineral substrates. With the various raw materials from our portfolio of chemical products for construction, we optimise existing formulations or assist with the development of new ones. We have access to the various conventional measurement methods for investigating chemical products for construction such as, for example, determination of mortar consistency, open time, stability and correctability. This also includes tests on the set systems such as investigating water vapour diffusion, hydrophobing or surface coating resistance.


In terms of adhesives, we focus on aqueous and reactive systems. Our laboratory team optimises formulations for you with raw materials for adhesives from our product portfolio. In addition to the adhesive properties such as, for example, flow behaviour, rheological profile, open time and processing, we test bonding properties such as, for example, adhesion, assessing fracture patterns, tack and water resistance.

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Innovation Center

Christoph Matuszewski
Phone: +49 162 347 8813
Email: christoph.matuszewski@bcd-chemie.de

Silvio Della Corte
Phone.: +49 173 241 8101
Email: silvio.dellacorte@bcd-chemie.de

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