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Wax additives

Wax additives are used in many different applications. They can be used to control the processability of products and the properties of surfaces can be specifically adjusted.
Waxes can have a natural origin, be semi-synthetic (chemically modified natural waxes) or be synthetically produced. Natural waxes include among others Carnauba wax, beeswax and sunflower wax, but also montan wax and paraffin wax. Synthetic waxes include polyethylene and polypropylene waxes, Fischer-Tropsch waxes, PTFE waxes and ethylene acrylic acid or ethylene vinyl acetate waxes.
The selection of the appropriate wax for a specific application is based not only on the melting point but also on the polarity of the wax. The wax additives are offered as aqueous emulsion or dispersion, as micronised wax or as solvent-based dispersion.


Wax additives are used in the following systems, among others.

  • Floor care products – wax emulsions can positively influence the shoe sole resistance, mechanical resistance and slip resistance (anti-slip function) and the surface can be matted.
  • Leather care products – special wax emulsions can be used to formulate care products that have both hydrophobic and oleophobic properties.
  • Autopolishes – wax additives improve polishability, surface protection and give a brilliant shine.
  • Metal die casting – waxes play a very important role here as release agents alongside silicone emulsions. The advantage of waxes is that they fill small cracks and irregularities.
  • Screws – by using different waxes in the surface coating of the screw, the coefficient of friction can be adjusted and thus easy screwing in can be achieved or very good screw retention can be ensured.

In addition, there are still many fields of application in which the positive properties of wax additives are advantageous.

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Wax additives

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