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Layered silicates

Layered silicates are rheological additives that are used to control the rheology of both aqueous and solvent-based systems. So-called hydroclays are used for aqueous systems. These are either natural phyllosilicates that have been purified or synthetically produced phyllosilicates. Organoclays are used for solvent-based systems. This also includes oils, from which a lubricating grease is produced with the help of organoclays. Organoclays are modified on the surface to make them compatible with organic systems.
A very special area of application for hydroclays is the stabilisation of surfactant-free emulsions, so-called Pickering emulsions. The oil phase is stabilised using small layered silicate particles instead of surfactants. High shear forces are required to produce such a Pickering emulsion. BCD Chemie has experience in the production of such emulsions and provides support in the laboratory work to develop a formulation and can produce this Pickering emulsion as a contract manufacturer.

BCD Chemie distributes BYK-Chemie’s layered silicates for adhesives and sealants, cleaners and care products, as well as lubricants and casting industry.


Claytone products are organo-modified layered silicates used to thicken organic systems. Depending on the polarity of the system, different Claytone products are used. The standard products must be activated during dispersion by adding some polar solvent (e.g. propylene carbonate), but self-activating products and easy-to-disperse products are also available.

Garamite products are blends of organo-modified plate-like layered silicates and rod-like magnesium silicates for thickening organic systems. Garamite does not require an activator. Different Garamite products are used for different polar systems.


Optigel layered silicates are natural layered silicates for aqueous systems. Modified products are also available for special requirements.

Laponite layered silicates are produced synthetically and are suitable for aqueous systems. Laponite layered silicates are characterized by high purity and are also available in various modifications. One variant is very easy to stir in, and an aqueous Laponite dispersion is also available.

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