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Aliphatics and aromatics

BCD Chemie offers a broad portfolio of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. These include aromatics such as xylenes, toluene or solvent naphtha and aliphatics such as white spirits and special petrol. N- and isoparaffins with different boiling ranges from well-known producers are also available from BCD Chemie.

Aliphatics and aromatics for fuels and ready-mixed fuels, including logistics, tax and regulatory aspects if required, are offered by the Fuels Business sector.
The aliphatics and aromatics are available in containers such as jerry cans, drums and IBCs, but also in bulk in complete tankers.
In addition to aliphatics and aromatics and other basic chemicals, BCD Chemie supplies finished products for cleaning as well as performance chemicals for a wide variety of applications and with different functionalities.

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Aliphatics and aromatics

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