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Industrial Hygiene

After more than eight months of intensive research and development work with our client, in mid 2019, we successfully established the newly developed cleaners WBC®301, WBC®299, WBC®189, and WBC®333 for the field of industrial hygiene in the paint and varnish industries. Due to our various products and many years of expertise, we are able to support you in all matters relating to cleaning, disinfection, and preservation.

2018 – 2019 Examination of cleaning agents or emulsion paints

In November 2018, our client, a leading dispersion paint manufacturer, commissioned us to take a closer look at the field of industrial hygiene for the paint and varnish industries. This request was, among others, caused by the amendments of the Biocide Regulation. In the field of interior and exterior paints, the market is increasingly developing toward water-based paints. However, the commercially available cleaning agents reveal an insufficient cleaning effect. In particular, dried, preservative-free paints with a high potassium or sodium silicate content pose major challenges for cleaning.
To remove these strongly dried paint residues, we have invested more than eight months of development work and consulted with our client in regular intervals. We were testing more than 60 mixtures based on different acids or bases in combination with surfactants and inhibitors, and the results were validated in the lab using high-precision analytical methods. Thereafter, the first technical tests were carried out in the client’s company in mid 2019.

2020 – 2021 Good isn´t god enough: collaboration between BCD Chemie & Hammann – optimization in terms of the sinner´s circle

We place the highest demands on our products and solutions. That is why we have established a collaboration with the company Hammann GmbH for the cleaning of paint residues in 2021. So far, the removal of paint residues was largely based either on mechanical or chemical methods. We have developed a novel process that is based on the synergizing effect of mechanical and chemical cleaning by combining the Comprex® cleaning of Hamman with our cleaners from the WBC® product line, respectively. This innovative approach is based on the idea of the Sinner’s Circle and constitutes the most efficient method for removing layers of dried paint on surfaces. We have presented our results in a webinar at „Farbe & Lack“ in April 2022.

Our services

Due to our long-term experience in the field of cleaning agents and our expertise in the field of industrial hygiene for paint and varnish, we are able to offer our customers tailor-made solutions for cleaning pipes and components. Our spectrum ranges from a purely chemical treatment to a mechanical and chemical cleaning at different times as well as a simultaneous cleaning based on mechanical and chemical methods using stationary Comprex® systems. For cleaning components, we offer various cleaning agents for manual cleaning with or without the use of ultrasonic systems. In addition to our top sellers, WBC® 333 and WBC® 301 – DisperEx, we are able to develop new cleaning agents adapted to suit your requirements as part of a joint collaboration. We would be happy to advise you both via the internet and on site. Please feel free to get in touch with us in case that you encounter any questions.

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Industrial Hygiene

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