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Enova® Aerogel is a very effective matting agent, even for systems that are difficult to matt, e.g. for UV systems, decorative films and leather coatings.
In addition to its matting properties, Enova® Aerogel is highly hydrophobic and has low thermal conductivity.

Another special matting agent is silicone elastomer particles, available as powder or aqueous suspension. These silicone elastomers carry epoxy functions so that they can react with the matrix and are firmly bonded. This reduces the tendency of gleaming. These silicone elastomers are mainly used for leather coatings and in release agents, in the latter they matt the surface of the moulded part.
Waxes and wax dispersions can also be used to matt surfaces. Depending on the melting point of the wax, properties such as scratch and abrasion resistance, lubricity or anti-slip function can also be specifically controlled.

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