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Environment and Safety

We see ourselves as part of a social whole and do not separate professional and personal perceptions of responsibility.
Therefore, the topics of environment and safety are directly and inseparably connected with each other and result in our profile of a holistic action in the sense of our environment, our surroundings and the personal sphere of action of everyone. Our environmental approach goes beyond the legal requirements, as it does in safety, which encompasses all processes, procedures and operations from occupational safety to logistics. And, thus, again closes the circle between these two most important pillars of our principles.

Aspiration and responsibility

No other industry has stricter rules, stronger legal requirements and greater self-responsibility than the chemical industry. Hardly any other industry is doing more on the way to better environmental protection, systematic ecology and a multitude of new products that make people’s lives safer, better and healthier in all areas.

Medicine and pharmaceuticals, environmental technology and new energies, new concepts of energy efficiency and mobility rely on and build on the results of the chemical industry. BCD Chemie is committed to this concept of chemistry!

Our understanding of chemical distribution goes far beyond logistical performance: We are problem solvers for our customers and partners. And by acting responsibly at all levels, we contribute to a sustainable approach to our environment and society.

Responsible Care Initiative

We acknowledge our responsibility and have therefore committed ourselves to participating in the chemical industry’s global Responsible Care initiative.
The Responsible Care Initiative stands for the will to strive for continuous improvement in the areas of environment, safety and health, regardless of legal requirements, and to also regularly demonstrate this progress publicly. This is done in accordance with legal requirements, the traditional duties of a prudent businessman and in the interest of sustainable development.

For our company, this means in practice continuously reviewing the consequences of our economic activities for society and future generations and taking the findings into account in our decisions in a sustainable way.


With the European Single Assessment Document (ESAD), the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC), in cooperation with the European Federation of Chemical Distributors (FECC), has developed a uniform assessment standard to evaluate the quality, safety and environmental standards of chemical distributors.

ESAD enables suppliers to evaluate the performance of their distributors and match it to their own requirements.
It is a risk management tool that promotes the adoption of quality standards and best practices. ESAD contributes to the sustainability of the industrial sector, promoting society’s confidence in chemical products. The document creates a uniform evaluation method, which is applied by independent and specially trained experts using a standard questionnaire. We are committed to this standard and regularly undergo assessments with around 800 questions from the areas of quality, safety and the environment.

Safety data sheets

Customers of BCD Chemie have the possibility to view and download the current safety data sheets of the products they purchase at any time.
To use the corresponding download portal, we would like to ask you to register first.

To register and download please click HERE.
(Please understand that it may take up to 2 days to activate your access after registration.)

When you purchase our products for the first time, as well as in the event of safety-relevant changes to the products purchased from us, you will automatically receive the respective safety data sheet.
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