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Corrosion protection

Corrosion, especially of metals, destroys immense values every day. Corrosion protection systems are used to stop or at least delay this destruction. For metal working fluids and coatings, BCD Chemie supplies various products to reduce the corrosion of metals.

Metal working fluids

Water-miscible metal working fluids used in the machining of various metals require additives to prevent corrosion of the component or staining of the metal surface.

In addition to the standard amines such as TEA, MEA, DGA and MDEA, BCD Chemie offers specialty amines with which the properties of water-miscible metal working fluid can be specifically adjusted.

The special amines have, among other things, a high alkalinity reserve and high buffer capacity.
Some of these specialty amines support tramp oil separation and prevent aluminum staining even in the gas phase.

Other properties of the specialty amines include reduced cobalt leaching from the tools, allowing longer tool life, as well as reduced leaching of copper and a better corrosion protection of iron.


A contribution to improving the corrosion resistance of substrates can be made by adding fumed silica to the coating system, especially in the area of a slight corrosion protection.

Fumed silica does not replace the known corrosion protection pigments, but shows an additional protective effect.
In corrosion protection, the surface-treated hydrophobic fumed silica is particularly effective. Due to its hydrophobic properties, this prevents water from penetrating the coating down to the substrate and thus retards corrosion of the substrate.
Another effect is the improvement of the mechanical resistance of the coating. This makes the surface more resistant to scratches, which in the worst case can extend to the substrate surface. These scratches allow water and salts to reach the surface, causing corrosion of the substrate. This corrosion in the scratch can subsequently continue under the coating, infiltrating and detaching it.

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Corrosion protection

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