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BLENDSERV® is BCD Chemie’s programme for special mixtures and services.
Here we provide you with targeted support in production-related routines or in the event of bottlenecks in production. The comprehensive BLENDSERV® service programme helps you save costs, increase efficiency, and improve safety and timing.

Our BLENDSERV® portfolio

  • Aqueous solutions: Acids, lyes, surfactants, salts, PVA, rheological additives, thickeners
  • Aqueous dispersions: Polymers, starches, celluloses
  • Aqueous emulsions: Oils, silicones, waxes
  • Solvents: Acetates, alcohols, isoparaffins, petrols
  • Organic solutions: Oils, acrylates, polymers, catalysts, polyesters, polyols, organic specialities
  • Organic dispersions: Solvents, petrols, rheological additives/thickeners
  • Powder mixtures
  • Tank truck picking: Acceptance of tank truck lots and filling into customer-specific containers
  • Special/complex formulations according to mixing specifications based on powders, polymers, silicones, catalysts, resins, fillers/pigments and organic specialities
  • Special adoption of processes and productions, customer-specific construction of production plants at one of our locations with takeover of international logistics
  • Ultrafine grinding/micronisation

Advantages of our BLENDSERV® concept

  • Transparent and predictable cost calculation
  • Avoidance of capacity fluctuations
  • Reduction of fixed costs for production facilities, lower space requirements
  • Optimisation/reduction of logistics costs
  • Cost-efficient raw material procurement by BCD Chemie
Safety/reduction of complexity
  • Adaptation of safety data sheets and labeling according to the latest legal regulations
  • No need to obtain own operating permits
  • Ensuring safety standards (confidentiality agreement, ISO certification of production sites, reliable emergency systems)
  • Reliable quality assurance measures and quality control
  • Own-brand production: Product developments together with the customer
  • Regional contact persons
  • Application-related laboratories and analytics
  • Product documentation
  • Recycling concepts
  • Comprehensive hazardous goods logistics
  • Production according to recipe specification
  • Packing on request
  • Products according to your requirements
  • Tank truck picking
  • Filling and storage of quantities according to requirements
  • Chemical-technical know-how

What can we do for you at one of our 14 mixing locations?

Our team of technicians and commercial contacts will be happy to receive your inquiries and develop individual solutions together with you.

Do you need more information?

For detailed information and technical advice, please contact us.

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Contract production/contract filling

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