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For the hydrophobic treatment of mineral systems, hydrophobing agents based on silicone chemicals have proven their worth in the field of construction chemistry for many years. These hydrophobing agents can either be applied subsequently to the surface or used as bulk hydrophobing agents directly in the mineral system.

The basis for most hydrophobing agents based on silicone chemicals are special silanes that carry a hydrophobic alkyl function. These silanes are applied either diluted in solvents or as an aqueous emulsion on the surface or for bulk hydrophobisation.

To further improve the hydrophobic properties, siloxanes and/or silicone resins are used in addition to the silanes in the hydrophobing agents. These can also be applied subsequently on the surface or in bulk. The improved products are available undiluted or as aqueous emulsion. Some products are used, among others, for horizontal barriers and have WTA approval.

Hydrogen-functional siloxanes are very reactive hydrophobing agents. These can only be used in the industrial production of, for example, concrete components in bulk. Due to the reactivity, the products are not suitable for craft processing. They are available undiluted or as aqueous emulsion.

Overview XIAMETERTM und DOWSILTM silicones as hydrophobing agents


Waxes can also be used to make surfaces hydrophobic.
For this purpose, BCD Chemie offers various wax emulsions for the formulation of aqueous systems.

Common to all aqueous formulations is that the wax emulsions do not form a hydrophobic film by themselves. The aqueous formulation with the wax emulsion must therefore be polished up. Polishing briefly raises the temperature above the melting temperature of the wax, causing the wax to melt and thus form the hydrophobic film. This is well known in car polishes and furniture polishes, which are usually based on carnauba wax.

A special hydrophobing agent for leather is a modified sunflower wax emulsion. This is used in aqueous leather care products and has both very good hydrophobic and oleophobic properties.

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