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Sustainability is a key issue at BCD Chemie. It encompasses not only the ecological, but also the social component and good, sustainable corporate governance in the sense of the UN’s ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) concept. To comprehensively address the ecological aspects of sustainability, an interdisciplinary team has been established that reports directly to the management – the BCD Green Team. All members of the Green Team work in various areas of BCD Chemie and are in contact with customers from different industries and suppliers. This ensures that developments and requirements from customers and suppliers are taken up directly by the Green Team and that the necessary activities take place.

Climate Protection Targets

Together with our parent company, BCD Chemie has the following climate protection targets: Net-zero CO2 emissions in accordance with the EU Green Deal and the complete avoidance of product releases and pollutant emissions into the environment  
  • 100% electricity consumption with green electricity by 2025
  • 100% compensation of the remaining Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2025
  • Total leakage <0.7 cases per million working hours by 2025
  • 40% absolute CO2 reduction compared to 2020 by 2030
  • Net zero emissions by 2045


In addition to the reduction of Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2 emissions anchored in the climate protection targets, BCD Chemie, as a chemical distributor, has a key focus on the sustainability of the products and services it offers. For products, this means, for example, identifying alternatives to SVHC and CMR substances and offering these alternatives to our customers. Furthermore, the focus is on expanding the product portfolio with products from non-fossil sources or with recycled products. In terms of services, this means, among other things, taking back packaging and used solvents, which are cleaned and reused. This only works in close contact with our suppliers and customers in order to recognise new developments, drive innovation and derive appropriate measures from this.

All the activities described are summarised in our sustainability concept.


As a chemical distributor, BCD Chemie naturally focuses on the products it trades, their sustainability and their CO2 footprint (PCF – Product Carbon Footprint). We have been offering industrial chemicals (e.g. solvents) as well as specialities (e.g. defoamers and thickeners) made from non-fossil raw materials for some time now. These products are produced either directly from non-fossil raw materials, for example, through fermentation, or via the (bio) mass balance. In this process, fossil and non-fossil raw materials are converted together and the non-fossil proportion is allocated according to the fossil / non-fossil input ratio. In the area of surface technology, for example, BCD Chemie has long been offering high-performance, VOC-free cleaning systems and recyclates in addition to the classic solvent-based cleaners. For more and more products, we are able to specify the PCF right up to our customers’ factory gates. The PCF is based on the information provided by the relevant manufacturers or calculated values from specialised service providers.

Certificates and Initiatives

For many years, BCD Chemie has supported various initiatives aimed at protecting the environment. We take every opportunity to have fulfilment of the requirements confirmed by external auditors. One of the best-known initiatives is the Responsible Care Programme, in which we have been participating since 2002. By participating in this initiative, we acknowledge our responsibility towards the environment, the community and our employees. One key aspect is continuous improvement in the areas of the environment, safety and health. Compliance with the principles of the Responsible Care Initiative is reviewed every three years by an independent body in an audit and confirmed by a certificate. This not only determines formal and substantive compliance with the programme, but also whether self-imposed targets have been achieved.   BCD Chemie has been awarded EcoVadis Platinum status. EcoVadis reviews and evaluates the performance of more than 100,000 companies from all sectors in the four areas of environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. This puts BCD Chemie in the top 1% of all companies rated by EcoVadis across all industries. An elementary part of trading in renewable raw materials is traceability within the supply chain – we use the ISCC industry standard for this. The ISCC EU certificate, for example, confirms compliance with the criteria of the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) for sustainability and greenhouse gas savings for sustainable fuels and the generation of electricity and heat from biomass.

BCD Green-Team

The complex topic of sustainability in all its breadth is dealt with by the BCD Green Team. To emphasise its strategic relevance, the management itself is also part of the team in order to implement new concepts in a targeted manner. The BCD Green Team initiates and coordinates all activities relating to sustainability within BCD Chemie. Members of the Green Team, coming from different operational areas, ensure that all information on the topic of sustainability from our customers, markets and suppliers is quickly assessed and directly incorporated into our corporate strategy.

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