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Desulphurisation/gas processing

Our main focus is on the desulphurisation of raw gas and gas processing.
Our expert staff has been discussing these methods with the customers on site since 2002. Our main products include liquid and solid iron salts and activated carbon for adsorption of generated hydrogen sulphide.
To ensure that the gas produced complies with standards, we also supply and advise on gas processing. There are various processes (amine washes, pressurised water adsorption, etc.) for which we can offer the raw materials.

Fine desulphurisation

Activated carbons
  • CarboTech DGF 4 KI 2 BIO
    • Can adsorb approx. 40 wt.% sulphur.
  • CarboTech CGF 4 KI 2 Bio
    • Can adsorb about 80 wt% sulphurand provides a specific surface area (BET) of 1100m²/g.
  • BCD H2S Bio
    • The activated carbon BCD H2S Bio is a premium carbon with a high specific surface area (BET) of 1050m²/g and a correspondingly longer service life compared to a standard carbon.

All active carbon have been specially designed for the desulphurisation of biogas and landfill gas.

Coarse desulphurisation

  • Kronofloc® (iron(II) chloride solution)
  • Other liquid iron salts
  • Iron hydroxide (solid iron) – approved for organic farming (FiBL listing)

Gas processing

  • MDEA (methyldiethanolamine)
  • MDEA, 50% water
  • Piperazine (flakes and other variants)
  • Genosorb (1753, 1900)
  • Sylobead MS 514

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Desulphurisation/gas processing

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