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For the manufacturing of batteries, we supply additives that improve the properties of electrodes and separators. To produce battery housings and the assembly of batteries, BCD Chemie distributes cleaners for metal surfaces and chrome-free conversion coatings. For coatings and bonding of battery housings, we offer various binders and additives.

Li-Ion Batteries

  • Electrodes
    Dispersing agents can be used to increase the solids content of conductive carbon structures or to improve the stability of slurries or pastes, CNTs, carbon black and graphite-slurries as well as to minimize or completely prevent sedimentation. Layered silicates show a synergistic effect with CMC. The combination of both products results in a higher gel strength. Layered silicates additionally act as adhesion promoters.
  • Separators (ceramic coating)
    Wetting agents reduce the surface tension of coatings and lead to better and more uniform substrate wetting. An increase of solid content of slurries while maintaining the viscosity is possible with dispersing agents. At the same time, sedimentation is reduced or even avoided. Antifoams prevent the formation of foam during the production and application of coatings. Polyacrylates are available as binders for coatings. Fumed silica support the production of separators.

Lead Battery

  • Electrolyte
    With fumed silica and aluminum oxide, the service life and the number of possible charging cycles in lead-gel batteries are increased by increasing the acid absorption capacity. In addition, short circuits of the sulphuric acid electrolyte are reduced and corrosion is minimised.

Battery Housing, Surface Treatment

  • Surface Treatment, Aluminium Case
    BCD Chemie offers the following products for cleaning aluminium housings in particular:
    • Water-based sprayable immersion cleaner
    • Water-based phosphate builder
    • Water-based salt-free builder with corrosion protection
    • Water-based spray surfactants partially suitable for higher pressures
    • Chrome-free conversion coating for spraying or dipping processes
  • Degreasing
    Special solvents with high flash point and very good grease and oil dissolving capacity as well as chlorinated hydrocarbons are available for degreasing

Battery Housing, Surface Treatment

  • Adhesives and Sealants
    Polyacrylates are available for the formulation of adhesives and sealants as well as polybutadiene, a saponification-resistant highly flexible polymer. Silanes can be used as adhesion promoters between the metal and the adhesive or sealant.
  • Coatings
    For the coatings of battery housings, polyacrylates and saturated polyester have proven themselves as binders. Silanes improve the adhesion between metal and coating.

Process Aids

  • Antifoams
    Various antifoams are available to avoid foam in the production and application of different systems as well as in process and waste water.

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