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Industrial component cleaning is crucial for the quality of your products and places high demands on users and the cleaning chemistry. Through years of development work and experience, BCD Chemie has become a competent partner in the sector of industrial component cleaning. We convince with a high-quality and broad product portfolio that includes solvent-based and water-based cleaning systems. Our WBC® brand products are state of the art and meet the high demands of our customers.

In the development of our WBC® products, we place great emphasis on cost-effectiveness, sustainability and environmental compatibility. Our specialised application engineers respond individually to your wishes and optimize your application process.

Solvent-based cleaning systems

  • Chlorinated hydrocarbons
    • For the removal of oils, greases and waxes
    • For metal degreasing in BImSchV-compliant plants
    • In the SAFE-TAINER™ of the DOWPER™ brand from SAFECHEM™ incl. the MAXICHECK™ and MAXISTAB™ test and stabilizer systems
  • HCS cleaners
    • For the removal of oils, greases and waxes
    • Low-aromatic cleaners for use in HCS systems
    • Areas of application: Immersion/flooding with and without ultrasound
  • Modified alcohols
    • In the SAFE-TAINER™ of the DOWCLENE™ and DUALENE™ brands from SAFECHEM™ including the MAXICHECK™ and MAXIBOOST™ test and stabilizer systems
    • For the removal of non-polar and polar impurities WBC® brand aluminum paint stripper

Water-based cleaning systems

  • Builders
    • For all application areas and applications with and without temporary corrosion protection
  • Surfactants
    • Spray, immersion and combined spray-immersion surfactants for every type of plant
  • 1-component systems
    • Surfactant-based cleaners for all areas of application
  • 2-component systems
    • Optimised cleaning systems consisting of builders and surfactant components for optimum cleaning results and process control
  • Corrosion protection media
    • Temporary amine-based media for optimum corrosion protection of components
  • Demulsifiers
    • Cationic systems for splitting an oil-water emulsion
  • Defoamers
    • Silicone-free defoamers
    • For use in cleaning systems and evaporators
  • Neutral rust remover
    • Corrosion removal in the neutral pH range without the risk of hydrogen embrittlement

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Component cleaning

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