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Lived values – transparent structures.

BCD Chemie understands compliance as the adherence to all external and internal norms, laws and rules as well as the monitoring of values and standards – all this in order to give format and transparency to a business policy characterized by openness and honesty.

BCD Chemie is committed to acting honestly, in good faith and fairly at all times in its dealings with customers, suppliers and competitors, as well as in its dealings with employees and the public. Each BCD Chemie employee is personally responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws, policies and regulations.

The summarised policies and procedures are available for download (BCD Code of Business Conduct and Ethics). They are of central importance to BCD Chemie.

Compliance contact

BCD Chemie has installed proven processes for accepting and handling complaints and anonymous reports. Complaints and reports are treated in strict confidence so that employees do not suffer any negative consequences as a result. Third parties (customers, suppliers and the public) can also use this contact address.

The BCD Chemie Compliance Contact is available to report indications of possible violations of laws or policies if they relate to BCD Chemie.



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