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BCD Chemie supplies both standard surfactants used, for example, in the cleaning industry, and special surfactants required in specific applications such as stabilising PU Foam.

Anionic surfactants

The following anionic surfactants can be purchased from BCD Chemie.

  • Alkyl sulfonates, sodium salt
  • Alkylphenol ether sulfonates, sodium salt
  • Alkylbenzene sulfonates, amine salt
  • Dioctyl sulfosuccinate

Non-ionic surfactants

In non-ionic surfactants, BCD Chemie offers the following products.

  • Fatty alcohol ethoxylate
  • Fatty alcohol alkoxylate (EO/PO)
  • Polyalkylene glycols
  • EO/PO block copolymers

Surfactants for stabilising PU foam

In the production of PU foams, the gas bubbles must be stabilised until the polyurethane cures, for which silicone surfactants are used. Different silicone surfactants are used depending on the polyol and isocyanate, and also whether a closed-cell or an open-cell foam is to be produced.

Surfactants to reduce surface tension

In aqueous systems, to improve the wetting of surfaces, their surface tension must be reduced. Various surfactants are used here, e.g. siloxane polyethers or trisiloxanes.

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