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Unwanted foam can lead to disruptions in processes or in the application of products. To prevent the formation of foam and/or effectively destroy foam that has formed, BCD Chemie supplies a broad portfolio of antifoams for a wide range of applications and conditions.

The antifoams offered range from classic mineral oil antifoams to silicone antifoams and polymer antifoams.

Silicone antifoams

BCD Chemie offers a wide range of different silicone antifoams, from universal antifoams to special antifoams optimised for one system. Silicone antifoams are offered as so-called compounds – these are 100% systems that have to be diluted before use, as aqueous emulsions that are easy to dose, or in solid form as antifoam powder.

Polymer antifoams

In the case of polymer antifoams, antifoams are offered with different chemical compositions tailored to the specific application. Emulsions that facilitate metering are also available for polymer antifoams.

Mineral oil antifoams

The classic mineral oil antifoams are suitable for systems that are easy to defoam. However, they have a limited range of applications and have been largely displaced by silicone and polymer antifoams, which are more efficient.

Industries and applications

The applications mainly include aqueous systems. But antifoams are also available for organic systems.

Antifoams are offered by BCD Chemie for the following industries, among others:

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