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Flame retardants

As flame retardants for various plastics, BCD Chemie offers Lanxess’ Disflamoll® and Levagard® products.
When exposed to heat, tripotassium citrate releases carbon dioxide, which causes the system (e.g. coating or plastic) in which it is incorporated to swell, creating thermal insulation.


Disflamoll® products show good compatibility with various plastics and have no effect on colour or transparency. Typical applications are e.g. cellulose derivatives such as CA and CAB films, PC/ABS and HIPS/PPE for injection moulding, or thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) for electrical appliances and sporting goods. In addition to its flame retardant properties, Disflamoll® has a low gelling temperature and a good plasticising effect.


Levagard® products are phosphorus compounds that are particularly suitable for making rigid polyurethane foams flame retardant. Some of them meet the strict building codes for laminated pressboard and spray foam insulation. Other applications include unsaturated polyester resins, polyurethane casting resins and textile coatings.

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Flame retardants

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