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Adhesion promoter

To improve adhesion on difficult substrates, so-called adhesion promoter are used. These improve the adhesion of a subsequent coating or adhesive or sealant to the substrate.
Special bifunctional molecules (e.g. silanes) can be used as adhesion promoter, or binders that have good adhesion to the substrate and for the subsequent system.


Silanes are used on all substrates that have OH functionalities, such as mineral substrates (glass, stone or metal). The silane forms a solid chemical bond with this OH functionality, so that the silane is firmly anchored to the surface. The still free group of the silane now determines the properties of the surface. These can be, for example, amino functions, epoxy functions or double bonds, which subsequently react with the applied coating or adhesive to significantly improve adhesion.

Overview XiameterTM Silanes


Special acrylic resins have proven effective for metal and plastic substrates. These are applied as a thin layer on the substrate. After evaporation of the solvent, a film is formed on which the subsequent layer can be applied.

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