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PET recycling

BCD Chemie offers the most important products for recycling PET from a single source:

– Antifoams
– Washing booster
– Caustic soda solutions

The product range of antifoams include both high-performance silicone defoamers and so-called polymer defoamers. The silicone defoamers are available as emulsions that are very easy to disperse in water. The portfolio of silicone defoamers ranges from inexpensive basic defoamers to high-performance defoamers for difficult tasks. If silicone-free defoamers are required, the polymer defoamers have proven to work well even at higher temperatures. As a wash booster, a mixture of non-ionic surfactants has proven to perform best at temperatures over 50°C. Caustic soda as a base chemical is available in various concentrations from 10% to 50%.

Do you need basic chemicals in your production? We can also supply these for you.

Surface technology

BCD Chemie has been developing, producing and marketing premium WBC® products for the surface technology sector for over 40 years.
We offer our customers expert advice through a nationwide network of application engineers, as well as a broad product portfolio for optimising existing and new processes.

For the PET recycling sector, we offer solvent-based and water-based cleaning systems such as

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PET recycling

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