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Coating (galvanic processes)

In electroplating processes, good component cleaning as pretreatment has top priority. A wide variety of process steps are carried out here to ensure optimum coating adhesion on the surface of the components.
Our WBC® brand products are state of the art and meet the high demands of our customers. In the development of our WBC® products, we place great emphasis on cost-effectiveness, sustainability and environmental compatibility. Our technical sales team will help you choose the right cleaner.

Water-based cleaning systems

  • Decoction degreasing
    • Highly alkaline systems of film impurities
  • Pickling inhibitors
    • Additives to prevent hydrogen embrittlement on steel parts
  • Electrolytic degreasing
    • Surfactant-free systems for cathodic and anodic degreasing

Industries & Applications

Our premium products are used in the following markets, among others:

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Coating (galvanic processes)

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Surface technology

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