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Printing plate production and cleaning

We have been cooperating with DuPont de Nemours (Germany) GmbH for over 30 years in the washing out of printing plates. The Cyrel® brand products are state of the art and meet the high demands of our customers. Our specialised application engineers respond individually to your wishes and optimize your application process.

Solvent-based cleaning systems

  • Polymer removal/Cyrel® flexosol washout solution (DuPont)
    • Washout solution for all common polymer plates
    • Good distillability
  • Screen cleaners
    • Ensuring consistently high product quality by dispensing with reclaimed rubber
    • Solvent-based screen cleaners for all types of varnishes

Industries & Applications

Our premium products are used in the following markets, among others:

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Printing plate production and cleaning

Detlef Mohr
Surface technology

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