BlendServ® is the BCD Chemie range of special formulations and services. In this sector, we undertake specific tasks, which relieve our customers from the burden of capacity bottlenecks and production–related routines.

The extensive BlendServ® service range helps our customers to save costs, in­crease efficiency and improve their safety and timing.

BlendServ® product portfolio

  • Aqueous solutions: acids, alkalis, surfactants, salts, polymers, starches, celluloses, PVA, rheology additives / thickeners
  • Aqueous dispersions: oils, silicones, waxes
  • Aqueous emulsions: oils, silicones, waxes
  • Solvents: acetates, alcohols, iso-paraffins, gasoline
  • Organic solutions: oils, acrylics, polymers, catalysts, polyesters, polyols, organic specialties
  • Organic dispersions: solvents, gasoline, rheology additives / thickeners
  • Powder mixtures