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Industrial coating

In the industrial coating sector, high standards are set for the pre-treatment and post-treatment of components and the cleaning of equipment. BCD Chemie offers a broad and high-quality product portfolio for these application areas. Our WBC® brand products are state of the art and meet the high demands of our customers.

In the development of our WBC® products, we place great emphasis on cost-effectiveness, sustainability and environmental compatibility. Our specialised application engineers respond individually to your wishes and optimize your application process.

Solvent-based cleaning systems

  • Hydro rinse agents
    • Ready-to-use solutions, concentrates in classic form or also completely VOC-free dissolve your hydro coatings quickly and without residues
  • Thinners
    • Thinners for all solvent-based paint types
    • Ensuring consistently high product quality by dispensing with reclaimed rubbers
    • Recycling and contract distillation possible
  • Degreasers
    • Wide range of degreasers – from fast-volatile to VOC-free degreasers
  • Chlorinated hydrocarbons
    • For the removal of oils, greases and waxes
    • For metal degreasing in BImSchV-compliant plants
    • In the SAFE-TAINER™ of the DOWPER™ brand from SAFECHEM™ incl. the MAXICHECK™ and MAXISTAB™ test and stabilizer systems
  • HCS cleaners
    • For the removal of oils, greases and waxes
    • Low-aromatic cleaners for use in HCS systems
    • Areas of application: Immersion/flooding with and without ultrasound
  • Modified alcohols
    • In the SAFE-TAINER™ of the DOWCLENE™ and DUALENE™ brands from SAFECHEM™ including the MAXICHECK™ and MAXIBOOST™ test and stabilizer systems
    • For the removal of non-polar and polar impurities
  • VOC-reduced products
    • To optimise your VOC balance, we also offer our products in VOC-reduced and VOC-free variants

Water-based cleaning systems

  • Pretreatment systems
    • For cleaning, activation and passivation of components
  • Phosphatisations
    • Iron and zinc phosphating as holding primer
  • Pre-rinsing salts
    • To activate the surface before phosphating
  • Passivations
    • Phosphate-based for the post-treatment of a phosphating process
  • Degreasing
    • For cleaning all materials before the coating process
  • Conversion layers
    • Chromium-free titanium-/zirconium-based systems for passivation of all metallic surfaces

Industries & Applications

Our premium products are used in the following markets, among others:

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