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Tank and boiler cleaning

In tank and boiler cleaning, fast and residue-free removal of all impurities is crucial. We offer an effective solution for all impurities. Our WBC® brand products are state of the art and meet the high demands of our customers.

In the development of our WBC® products, we place great emphasis on cost-effectiveness, sustainability and environmental compatibility. Our specialised application engineers respond individually to your wishes and optimize your application process.

Solvent-based cleaning systems

  • Resin remover
    • Dissolves all common resins from tank systems quickly, powerfully and effectively
  • Cold cleaners
    • For the removal of oils/oil additives as well as for use in the washstand in the workshop area

Water-based cleaning systems

  • Scale remover/water scale remover
    • For descaling of boilers, pipelines, etc.
    • Inhibits on zinc, iron and non-ferrous metals
  • Tank cleaners
    • Acidic and alkaline cleaners
    • Specially developed systems for cleaning the inside of tank containers via spray heads
  • Stainless steel cleaners
    • Stain-free removal of soiling on stainless steel

Industries & Applications

Our premium products are used in the following markets, among others:

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Tank and boiler cleaning

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